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We have a large network of towing trucks that are regularly maintained. We are known to provide the most reliable, professional, on-time, and affordable towing services in Australia. Any sort of vehicle accident where your car is damaged and needs to be towed away from the scene is going to be an unhappy experience. However, the effects can be compounded even further if you aren’t aware of your rights and obligations under NSW law with regard to car towing. It can be tempting, for instance, to accept an offer of towing services from the first tow truck to arrive on the scene. However, you are not obliged to do so, and in fact, this could create additional problems and expenses, not to mention worry and frustration. This is why it pays to be informed in advance of any situation where car towing might be required to ensure you receive the best, most professional service possible. Accident Claim Assist provides trusted towing services Sydney drivers can rely on. Available 24/7, our services include specialist vehicle recovery in all Sydney locations and circumstances, and you can be sure that your car will be transported with great care and professional efficiency.
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