Got in a car accident not at fault?Get a replacement vehicle for an accident at no cost to you.

We make your bad day better.

No cost to you

Our costs are recuperated through the at-fault driver or their safety net providers.

Pick up and drop off

We’ll provide the vehicle to you and collect it once more when your repairs are total.

Rent Car during repairs

Or, within the case of total misfortune, you’ll be able keep the vehicle until you get settlement.

A vehicle similar to yours

Able to give you with a like for like vehicle, subject to accessibility.

Need Instant Accident Assist?

We offer a bespoke service including replacement vehicle, repairs by industry professionals, towing service and complete accident claim assistance as required to meet your individual needs in accident claims.

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Established since 2001

Established 2001

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Fast Application Review

Our Services

We offer a bespoke service including replacement vehicle, repairs by industry professionals, towing service and complete accident claim assistance as required to meet your individual needs in accident claims.

Hire replacement car

Hire a car if you are not-at-fault in an accident. We will get you back on the road in no time.

Authorized vehicle repairers

We have a network of industry-authorized repairers to fix your vehicle.

Towing Service

We assure that your car will be transported for smash repairs with great care and professional efficiency.

How It Works

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and more than one cars are involved, you may have the right to hire a replacement vehicle at the cost of the vehicle recovered from the at-fault insurance.

apply for assistance


Apply online or call
accident claim application approval


We assess your application to determine your not-at-fault status, and once approved, we get you back in a car the same day.

deliver vehicle after repair


We Collect and deliver at home, work, or a repairer.
finalize replacement vehicle cost


We deal with the at-fault insurer on your behalf to finalise the recovery of the cost of your replacement vehicle.

Offering You The Best Solution For Your Accident Claim

Why should you suffer in terms of time, money, and effort if you are involved in a car accident for no fault of yours? We ensure that you get assistance, including a towing service.

services in no time

Services In No Time

We have been awarded as the best and most quick service provider for accident claims. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and providing them with professional services in no time is our aim.

No Cost Not-at-fault

No Cost For Not-at-fault

Why pay if you are not at fault. At Accident Claim Assist, no costs are involved at all. We are here to take care of everything.

professional assistance

Professionalism And Expertise

We have a network of Experts in providing Accident Claim Management, Replacement Vehicles, Industry-authorised Repairs, and Legal Assistance by Solicitors.


Here’s what our customers has to say

Frequently Asked Questions

You will not be held responsible for the rental expenses or attorney fees related to the recovery, so long as you help us with the recovery procedure and follow the other terms and conditions of our agreement.

Your credit card information is gathered in case we need to handle any costs at the conclusion of your employment, including:

  • Fuel 
  • Tolls
  • Traffic or parking infringements
  • Vehicle cleaning 
  • Unacceptable wear & tear
  • Excess or damage
  • Administrative costs.

As long as you are not at fault, help us recover the rental costs from the at-fault driver or their insurer, and otherwise follow the terms and conditions of our agreement, you won’t be responsible for them under our agreement with you.

Should we need your help to recoup the rental expenses, you might need to submit statements, documentation, and in certain rare cases, court records.

Costs associated with using the car, such as:

Fuel tolls (as well as the associated administrative costs)
Infractions pertaining to parking or traffic (and the associated administrative costs).
In certain cases, you can also have to cover expenses for:

Car washing for a car that was returned in bad shape
Unacceptable deterioration

Yes, under Australian law, you are entitled to a like for like accident replacement vehicle if the accident wasn’t your fault regardless of whether you have insurance. Find out if you meet all the eligibility criteria for an accident loan car here:
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